Super’s Toolbox

Below is a quick list of the features utilized at Stones River Country Club and links to more information. Stratus™ II Central Control System Central Control Videos by Rain Bird QuickIRR ™ programming is a quick and easy method for automatically building programs to meet your irrigation challenges. Exclusive CYCLE+SOAK™ reduces or eliminates wasteful runoff by matching each sprinkler’s application rate to the localized soil infiltration rate. Total application of water is precisely controlled regardless of number of cycles. Course monitor screens are intuitively designed Continue reading →

Stones River Construction Log 2

(Weeks 10 & 11) February 8, 2013 We’re moving right along with the install. We only have two holes left to complete and all the front nine greens loops to install. That’s 344 heads installed to date! Once we complete the head installation we will move to installing isolation valves. And our pump station will get an overhaul as well. Heather Brunk, Assistant Superintendent (Week 12) February 16,2013 The guys from our local Keeling store have been checking ground rods. Copper plated steel rods were Continue reading →

Stones River Construction Log 1

Superintendent’s Construction Log Superintendent: Michael Brownlee 1st Assistant Superintendent: Chris Young 2nd Assistant Superintendent: Heather Brunk Agronomy Staff: Ben Thompson, Hunter Jamison, Blake Rittenbery, Robert Kuhn, Alec Chartier, David Sweezen, Nick Montgomery, Chase Johnson, Joel Frerking Stones River Country Club is a members only club. The front nine holes were built 1948 and the back nine were built in 1969. The front nine hole were later renovated in 1979. In 2008, we completed a greens resurfacing with miniverde ultra dwarf bermuda. The current system irrigation Continue reading →

Stones River Installation

Rain Bird IC Installation Winter 2012 Course Superintendent: Micheal Brownlee Irrigation Contractor: Nutt Construction Designer & Distributor: Keeling Company (Brian Burns, David Brown, Josh Taylor) Construction Begins November 26, 2012. Scope: Stones River Country Club will keep it’s existing pipe and fittings. Course will remove all existing impact sprinklers and install new Rain Bird Eagle’s. Nutt Irrigation has been contracted to plow all maxi cable (40,000 feet) to all new sprinklers. Course will upgrade existing Rain Bird Nimbus to Stratus II IC. Chris Young, Mike Continue reading →