Cirrus Features

  • QuickIRR ™ programming is a quick and easy method for automatically building programs to meet your irrigation challenges.
  • Smart Sensors™ monitor standard in-field sensors to activate alarms, turn off or pause individual programs, schedules or the entire system then turn on or resume the same.
  • Exclusive CYCLE+SOAK™ reduces or eliminates wasteful runoff by matching each sprinkler’s application rate to the localized soil infiltration rate. Total application of water is precisely controlled regardless of number of cycles.
  • Course monitor screens are intuitively designed to instantly show you exactly what is going on with your course.
  • Pump Profiling™ automatically manages pump station power consumption during peak electrical rate periods.
  • Industry’s only innovative, guided initialization and start‑up programming results in a customized QuickStart™ program.
  • Dryrun™ helps you fine tune your irrigation programs for peak performance.
  • SmartWeather™ monitors evapotranspiration (ET) rates and modifies schedules based on actual turf requirements.
  • The highest performance irrigation engine in the industry means you can expect some of the highest Water Window Efficiencies available.
  • Smart Pump™ links your pump station to your central control system; optimizing each and every irrigation cycle. Smart Pump can also monitor and instantly react to changes in pump station capacity so an overheated motor won’t take down your entire irrigation system.
  • Mange up to five (5) different weather stations throughout the golf course and target them to sprinklers in any microclimate on your course.
  • Hybrid technology means your system can adapt to use any combination of field hardware necessary to precisely meet your needs.