Cole Park Construction Log

Bids awarded to Keeling Company and Nutt Construction, orders are placed and the materials arrive for checking. Installation begins November 22, 2011.

materials Stephen studies the materials list

On a HDPE job time is spent on the front end fusing pipe into long lengths ~500 Feet joints. Very tedious and boring at first.

With a canopy covering fusing machine the guys keep on welding…

the machine Piles of HDPE DR 13.5 Fusion Machine
just fusing in the rain Fusing in the Rain

SITE VISIT December 2nd 2011
Piles of pipe reduced to miles of fused joints.

miles and miles Miles of Piping
the dogs Nutt Construction Bulldog Machine
fusing Mailine Fusing

SITE VISIT December 9th 2011
Still fusing pipe. Headed to make 10″ tie in at the pump station

yes of course Finding existing 10″ out of Pump Welding at intersection tying on to the 10″

SITE VISIT December 14th 2011
Nutt has started trenching in mainline with MAXI cable and Shielding Wire

diggy diggy hole Digging the hole to lay the wire

SITE VISIT December 21st 2011
As the mailine goes in so does the Maxi Cable and bare #8 Shielding Cable.

Check out the wire trailer, wow what a difference IC makes…

to rule them all One cable
nice and safe Remember that trench? It’s filled now.

SITE VISIT January 5th 2012
The project has 2 6″ road bores. Nutt not only has fusion equipment, but has acquired the boring machines to make this a snap.

Week of Jan 9th 2012
Nutt Irrigation’s crew finishing up mainline and HDPE road bores. Crew ahead of schedule in spite of 8 rain days since they started.

SITE VISIT January 16th 2012
Tommy Blackmoore makes a site visit and does wire splice training. Nutt’s crew has 4 holes flagged and the first 2″ HDPE begins to be pulled. Not pretty, at first. Equipment adjustments need to be made.


SITE VISIT January 23rd 2012
I visited course with Aaron in the torrential rain. Irrigation crew needs some dry weather to keep on plowing. In the current conditions, you can make a tremendous mess.


SITE VISIT February 2nd 2012
Caught up with Aaron this week. Took some pictures and was very impressed with the two completed holes. The greens and fairways are already healing after the heavy rains last week. Installed the IC Field interface in the office.

green Green Collar

SITE VISIT February 8th 2012
Joe and Peggy struggling with more rain. The back nine has 4 holes complete. Since project started in late November crew has had 20+ rain days.


SITE VISIT February 15th 2012
No rain during visit, but it rained 1″ the day before. What a mess! Glad we are plowing in fairways rather than open trench. Course has a little touching up but most of the back nine completed.


Site Visit Feb 23rd 2012
I spent most of the time programing database, which consists of using Nutt Construction’s hole maps and entering in each unique address labeled on each IC module.

Site Visit March 15th 2012
TriState Pumps Visit with Two Supers from North Carolina. Took lots of pictures about plowing.