Cole Park


What is unique about the Cole Park installation is not just the HDPE pipe, but the fact the course is using the Philmac fittings. Below are a couple of videos that really show the speed of installation and the strength of the fittings. Philmac 3G ACME Install Philmac 3G Tensile Test Philmac 3G Pressure Test For more info Click Here. For information and product life on HDPE Eco TurfGuard Pipe Click Here.
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Cole Park Construction Log

Bids awarded to Keeling Company and Nutt Construction, orders are placed and the materials arrive for checking. Installation begins November 22, 2011. Stephen studies the materials list On a HDPE job time is spent on the front end fusing pipe into long lengths ~500 Feet joints. Very tedious and boring at first. With a canopy covering fusing machine the guys keep on welding… Piles of HDPE DR 13.5 Fusion Machine Fusing in the Rain SITE VISIT December 2nd 2011 Piles of pipe reduced to miles Continue reading →
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Cole Park Installation

The Cole Park project is a culmination of Keeling’s design build talents and the customer coming together to get what they want. Of course this was a bid out project with the Toro Distributor. Keeling and Rain Bird had partnered with 3 valid and confident contractors. Nutt Irrigation being the successful bidder under their General Boykin Contracting. Nutt Construction: Stephen Nutt, Owner. Tullahoma, Tennessee. Nutt Construction LLC is a full-service irrigation contractor, dedicated to installing the best irrigation systems in a professional manner. We pride Continue reading →
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