Rain Bird Decoders

A technology long-since proven on golf courses throughout Europe is quickly gaining decodertallpopularity in the U.S.. Rain Bird Decoders have replaced satellites on centrally controlled irrigation systems for many years. Decoders act as switching stations for digitized commands to sprinkler heads. Underground installation and simple, low-cost wiring make decoders an aesthetically pleasing and economical option for reliable in-field, out-of-sight control.
Features and Benefits

  • Improve aesthetics and reduce costs with buried in-field controls
  • Easy system expansion…simply splice into the communication line and add additional decoders
  • Installation requires up to 80% less wire than conventional satellite systems
  • Electronic components are completely encapsulated to protect against the elements
  • Underground “switch boxes” reduce the chance of damage from animals or vandals
  • With the addition of Rain Bird’s Decoder Programming Unit (DPU), decoder addresses can be reassigned if necessary