IC System

The Rain Bird Integrated Control, or IC, System is designed to be the most intelligent and responsive golf course irrigation system to meet your needs for years to come. From system upgrades, to new installations, the IC system is quickly proving why it’s in a class of its own at courses around the world.

“This year here at JC golf, we made a big decision to replace the irrigation system here on the golf course. The system had been in place since 1963. We felt the need was there and the timing was right to move forward. We looked at satellite systems, we looked at decoder systems, but in the end we decided the IC system was our best choice.”

“If you’ve worked on a previous Rain Bird system it’s a seamless transition. And moving forward with two way communication in the field to every sprinkler head on the golf course you know real time data: what’s going on in the golf course.”

“Within two to three minutes you have the ability to do a status poll on the entire irrigation system. Because we’re not regulated by the transformer the amount of heads we can turn on is incredible. What that does is not only it shortens our water window but it also allows us to use less energy.”

“Now we’re getting complete coverage where it looks like we’re watering more we’re actually watering what we estimate to be 30% less.”

“The feedback we’ve received so far from the course from the employees as well as our local players has been all positive. This system has been long time coming. We’re very, very, very excited about our choice for the IC system for what it can do for us and take our golf course to a new level.”

With the Rain Bird IC system, you’re not just building a more responsive, more intelligent, more playable course, you’re setting a course of action for years to come. Set your course at www.rainbird.com/ics