Rain Bird Pump Station: Services

When you choose a Rain Bird Pump Station, you not only receive a reliable, high-performance product, you also receive complete access to the most extensive service and support system available in the irrigation industry. Each pump station is covered by Rain Bird’s Professional Customer Satisfaction Policy. In addition you will receive:

  • 24/7 Phone Support through the Rain Bird Global Service Plan (GSP). This is your first line of defense for any pump station questions. A team of Rain Bird service technicians—trained in all aspects of irrigation systems and pump station operations—is available 24/7 to guide you through the troubleshooting process, and will be able to remedy most situations over the phone.
  • Local Authorized Service Providers who are trained to provide services for Rain Bird’s Professional Customer Satisfaction Policy. Immediate assistance will be dispatched if your issue cannot be resolved over the phone. Factory-trained service technicians will provide on-site troubleshooting and problem resolution.
  • Systems Based Application Engineers who are employed by Rain Bird. This team of irrigation experts is trained to evaluate your system from reservoir to rotor. They are available to respond on their own or assist Authorized Service Providers in troubleshooting and rectifying any problem.
  • Factory Support from Rain Bird Engineers. A full pump station engineering staff with CAD capabilities is available for support.

    To extend or enhance the coverage provided by the Professional Customer Satisfaction Policy, the following service and program options are provided by Rain Bird and its extensive support network:

    Winterization Services/Preventative Maintenance

    • One winterization and one preventative maintenance service per year—or—two preventative maintenance services per year (if winterization is not required).
    • Winterization Service includes draining all water from the pump station and components to prepare for freeze. (Any freeze damage after winterization will be covered by Rain Bird.)
    • Preventative Maintenance includes determining all components are functional, checking motor oil level and changing if necessary, calibration settings, etc. Preventative maintenance can also be done at the time of seasonal start up and includes starting the pump station and checking for proper operation.

    Premier Pump Station GSP Program

    • Option to extend duration of Rain Bird Professional Customer Satisfaction Policy. (Includes Winterization Services / Preventative Maintenance as described above.)
    • Includes repair or replacement of any product that fails in normal use within the applicable time period.
    • Guaranteed on-site service—plus—guaranteed next-business-day on select parts. 25 percent discount for parts not covered.
    • Lump sum payment with the pump station qualifies for the Rain Bird financing program. Monthly or annual payment plans available.