Main Irrigation Pump Stations

Vertical Turbine and End Suction Pump Stations providing up to 10,000 GPM (2273 m3/h) at 150 psi (10.3 bar) and greater.

Standard and Custom Designs Available for wet-well, flooded-intake, and lift applications.


  • Easy Operator Training; Intuitive Full Color Touch Screen is easy to navigate, unlike text based displays
  • Easy Installation and Start-up; All stations are wet-tested prior to shipment
  • No hassle buying and single point responsibility; purchase all irrigation system components from one supplier
  • Renovation Made Simple; Rain Bird® can custom design a pump station to back fit into existing sites using advance 3D modeling
  • Real Time Communication; Only Rain Bird’s Smart Pump™ software optimizes irrigation and pump station operation in Real Time.


  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for maximum energy efficiency
  • Air to Liquid Control Panel Heat Exchanger for maximum VFD life
  • NEMA 4 Electrical Panel for maximum protection of electrical components
  • WP1 and ODP motors standard with optional TEFC motors available
  • Electrical Power Surge Protection
  • Power-loss auto-restart ensures seamless operation on loss/regain of electrical power
  • Modern electrical design employs industrial grade circuit breaker motor protection instead of outdated and expensive to replace fuses.
  • Complete skid and piping garnet blasted and powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Pressure relief valve with butterfly isolation valve protects the station from over pressurization while ensuring serviceability
  • Stainless steel pressure transducer for maximum durability
  • Mechanical actuated air relief system to ensure smooth system operation
  • Individual pump silent check valves and isolation valves
  • Integral wet-well service hatch on vertical turbine pump stations
  • Lake level floats prevent inadvertent dry-running of vertical turbine pumps
  • 3HP (2.2kW) and greater Pressure Maintenance Pumps and Motors available


  • Magnetic Flow Meter
  • AC Control Panel Cooling
  • Fabricated Steel Discharge Z-pipe, powder coated, with (3) 3/4″ FNPT ports and 2″ blow out port
  • Fabricated Vertical Turbine Pump Discharge Heads
  • Well intake box screen with stainless steel screen on three sides
  • Mounted Pump Station Heater (This will add 11 amps to the total power demand of the pump station)
  • Lake Level Controls: Float and Ultra Sonic types available
  • Auto-flush Wye Strainer
  • Rain Bird Automatic Backwashing Screen Filter with 60 mesh (250 micron) screen and bypass manifold
  • Suction-scan automatic filter with screen element and bypass manifold
  • Hard-wired communication modems (Communication cable and surge suppression provided by others)
  • Radio modem kit (requires “line of site” visibility between the pump station and central control antennas)
  • Fertigation run relay and optical isolator



Electrical Power Specifications

  • 60Hz, 3Φ Power: 230V, 460V, 575V
  • 50Hz, 3Φ Power: 190V, 380V, 415V

Buy with Confidence

  • Over 1000 installed pump stations worldwide
  • Extensive service network
  • Full pump station testing prior to shipment

Customer Satisfaction Policy

Rain Bird® guarantees its pump station products to be free of defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of start-up, but not later than sixteen (16) months from the date of shipment.