Golf Pump Stations: Features


*Exclusive Rain Bird Benefit
Legendary Rain Bird Quality
Rain Bird is the leader in golf course irrigation systems – no other manufacturer produces irrigation components and pump stations – Reservoir to Rotor.
Pump Manager 2 Software Software that emulates the pump station control panel on your computer – easy to use and powerful. Smart Pump™ Compatible
Dynamic and real-time pump station control and monitoring software which integrates with Rain Bird Central Control.
VFD per Motor (VPM) Option
This option offers superior motor protection, no mechanical switching and soft-start of all main motors.
Optima PRO Service Plan – Optional
Rain Bird’s exclusive high-level service plan connects factory technicians with remote monitoring and system diagnostics.
Large 8.4″ Color Touch Screen Display
High quality graphics with touch screen capability – this large display panel has external USB ports, 4MB compact flash memory card, and direct connection terminals 100 mbps TCP/IP communication cables.
Polyester Powder Coating
Interior and exterior surfaces are polyester powder coated to provide a resistant and durable finish.
Communication via Direct, Radio, Internet, Ethernet or Cellular
Rain Bird pump stations offer multiple communication methods. This allows for installations with or without direct connect communication wires.
Industry Leading Deck Frame and Pump Support
Continuous weld deck plate utilizing 4″ or 6″ channel construction and individual support between pumps.
Factory Water Tested
Tested prior to shipment to the job site.
Illuminated three-position Auto / Off / On The three-position “Auto / Off / On” switches are illuminated when a pump is active. This allows for fast verification of proper operation. High Efficiency Motors
Rain Bird carefully selects motors based on individual site criteria. High efficiency motors save electricity.
Optional Filtration Systems
A full line of Rain Bird filtration products that are designed into the system and are based on site conditions and needs.
Manual Operation / PLC or VFD Bypass
Allows for all main pumps to be operated manually (DOL) without the use of VFD – greater manual operation flexibility.
Qualified ASP Network
Rain Bird pump stations are professionally installed and serviced by Rain Bird factory trained Authorized Service Provider (ASP) network.
Air Release Valves – One per Pump
Pressure Relief Valve Standard Protects piping system from over pressure and pressure spikes. Allows pumps to be operated manually safely.
Silent Check and Isolation Valves per Pump
Mounted on the discharge side of each pump between the discharge head and discharge manifold – these individual check and isolation valves provide operational flexibility
and performance.
Robust Ductile Iron Pump Heads
Heavy-duty design with 60,000 PSI tensile strength cast iron.
U.L. Listed Surge and Lightning Protection
LED lights provide verification that the surge protection is installed and operational.
Resettable Circuit Breakers
Rain Bird uses circuit breakers – not fuses – for motor protection.
*Exclusive Rain Bird Benefit