Rain Bird Pumps

The Features, Flexibility, and Dependability You Need!

Rain Bird is the world’s leading manufacturer of pump stations capable of real time communication for golf course irrigation with hundreds of instillations and satisfied customers around the world. What makes these instillations so successful? Custom design and unrivaled performance. In some businesses, one size fits all works just fine but not at Rain Bird. Your golf course is one of a kind and so is your Rain Bird Pump Station. You work as a team with Rain Bird engineers to arrive at a turn key solution custom tailored to meet your requirements, including design specifications and 3-D drawings. And when your system goes on stream, Rain Bird’s years of experience and engineering expertise work for you day and night year after year in every operational detail.

Long term performance and reliability. Real-time efficiency in a custom, one-of-a-kind system
designed just for you.

Integration       Technology

Convenient, Remote Computer Access
Pump station settings and controls may be changed using the touch-screen located on the pump station, or through remote computer access using Rain Bird Pump Manager™ software. Pump Manager allows user access to select functions available at the pump station control panel. Having a direct link between the pump station and the irrigation computer allows password-authorized service providers the ability to troubleshoot from a remote location.

Make the Connection with Smart Pump,™ the only solution that operates in Real Time
Rain Bird was the first to develop computerized central control, and the first to install a centrally controlled irrigation system on a golf course. Rain Bird continues to lead the industry with Smart Pump™, the only real-time solution on the market.

Designed to link your pump station with Rain Bird Central Control Systems, Rain Bird’s Smart Pump features go far beyond generating alarms. Smart Pump optimizes irrigation efficiency by providing direct, real-time communication between the pump station and the central control system. Smart Pump continuously monitors pump station demand and adjusts it according to field conditions. This direct two-way connection between the pump station and central control provides golf course professionals with the ultimate in fully integrated irrigation control.