Stones River Construction Log 1

mike and chris

Mike and Chris

Superintendent’s Construction Log

Superintendent: Michael Brownlee

1st Assistant Superintendent: Chris Young

2nd Assistant Superintendent: Heather Brunk

Agronomy Staff: Ben Thompson, Hunter Jamison, Blake Rittenbery, Robert Kuhn, Alec Chartier, David Sweezen, Nick Montgomery, Chase Johnson, Joel Frerking
the crew
Stones River Country Club is a members only club. The front nine holes were built 1948 and the back nine were built in 1969. The front nine hole were later renovated in 1979. In 2008, we completed a greens resurfacing with miniverde ultra dwarf bermuda. The current system irrigation we are replacing is Rainbird Nimbus software and Rainbird impact rotors that were installed in 1991. The new Rainbird IC system will eliminate satellite boxes on the course since each head carries its own integrated control. This system was chosen because it is the most advanced technology and offers the greatest ability to expand in the future considering that our current system was already dated when it was installed in ’91.

old system

MIM, ICI, and Freedom Sandwich

(Week 1) November 27th 2012

Brian Burns and Keeling installed our new computer software along with putting the box in place for central control behind the shop. Nutt Construction was also on site with equipment for pulling wire.


Chris chowing down

the setup

(Week 2) December 3rd 2012

On Monday, upon pulling wire, our contractor hit two water mains and a natural gas line in the first three hours. We were on site until dark with the gas company and city water mending the breaks. Our contractor moved to another leg to continue progress. On Tuesday we arrived at work with a beautiful double rainbow and we knew this was an omen for a better day. Installation of our new heads began! Robert and Nick are opening the holes. Ben is removing old heads, adding adapters and installing new heads. Chris is wiring and splicing all heads and fuses. I am mapping and logging all station identification numbers. Hunter and Blake are burying new heads and cleaning up debris. So far we are averaging one hole completion in two days.
Heather Brunk, Assistant Superintendent

fixing the plow

Ray modifying the plow blade to run 12″ instead of 18″

(Week 3) December 10th 2012
We have wrapped up our third week and have installed over 100 heads! We are averaging 15 heads installed per day. That’s too many splices for Chris to count. As with any renovation, necessary changes are made daily regarding the wiring route which means our finished As-Built will look quite different from the current one. The weather has been relatively cooperative although cold. We received our awesome I Pads from Keeling and are tinkering with them and the software. Currently they are being used mostly for local sports talk radio. This week the only major challenge has been dodging missile golf balls.
Heather Brunk, Assistant Superintendent


Digging up Old Heads and installing the new FWY Rain Bird Gear Drive Sprinklers

wire it up

Wiring Up

bury it back

Re-packing the Head


David from Keeling lending a hand, with ear muffs

(Week 4) December 17, 2012

Nutt Irrigation is finished plowing over 40,000 feet of Maxi Cable. Stones River Crew gearing up for colder weather and Christmas Week. Over 200 Sprinklers installed.

(Week 5) December 24, 2012

Extreme weather, vacation and basically enjoying Christmas.

(Week 6) December 31, 2012

Stones River Crew has installed over half the total sprinklers for the job. Wire splices at the shop and installation of the Rain Can that will enable the course to use Rain Watch software.


Irrigation Salesman Praying

pulse decoder

Pulse Decoders send signals each time the Rain Bucket tips

the rain can

Rain Can tipping every 100th of an inch of rain


Mounted Decoder in the top of a valve box lid


Central ground ties ground plate/rod and building ground into one single ground point

central ground

All 4 legs from the field come together to go into one surge arrestor at central ground

Paige splice kits

Used Paige Fusable Splice Kits to give us increased isolation if we need to troubleshoot

(Week 7) January 7, 2013

We’ve experienced a lot of rain this week so install has been relatively slow. We removed our greens covers after experiencing a cold snap. Now temps are unseasonably high but with that comes rain.

(Week 7) January 10, 2013

Despite periodic rain, I’m excited to report that 40…yes 40… heads were installed today! That doubles our past record. Now that Ben is also installing heads and splicing they are moving at a record pace. Robert and Nick dug up almost 50 heads today. Back filling is going much slower as it should. Hunter and Blake are taking great care that the new irrigation heads are level. The greens loop on 11 is all we lack to complete the back nine and we are well on our way on the front nine.

Heather Brunk, Assistant Superintendent

(Week 8) January 18, 2013

We’ve had continuous precipitation this week ranging from rain to ice so progress has been slow. We’ve only filled in a few holes but the course is completely saturated so its a muddy mess. If the forecast doesn’t change, we will most likely be covering greens this weekend and hoping for dry weather.

Heather Brunk, Assistant Superintendent

(Week 9) January 25, 2013

This week Brian Burns from Rainbird Irrigation stopped by and began the process of making our new irrigation heads communicate with the computer. Basically the computer sends a signal to each individual head telling it what to do. This gives us the ability to irrigate different areas for different amounts of time, thus eliminating wet areas. One really cool feature of the system diagnostics is that instead of finding a hot spot on a green or fairway in the morning where irrigation didn’t run, we now have the ability of running a systems diagnostics check. This test will detect a problem within the system.

pass or fail

Screen Shot of Diagnostics Easy to Read Pass or Fail for each Section

the asbuilt

Laminated asbuilt with all changes spelled out in permanent marker

On a side note, how many pitchers of beer and Hooters wings does it take to install the Rinbird IC System? 365 wings and 10 pitchers to be exact. The guys entered an all you can eat wing contest. Mike and Robert tied with 56 wings a piece and Chris came in at a close third with an even 50. Good times.
Heather Brunk, Assistant Superintendent


The contestants


The damage