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Below is a quick list of the features utilized at Stones River Country Club and links to more information.
Stratus™ II Central Control System
Central Control Videos by Rain Bird

  • QuickIRR ™ programming is a quick and easy method for automatically building programs to meet your irrigation challenges.
  • Exclusive CYCLE+SOAK™ reduces or eliminates wasteful runoff by matching each sprinkler’s application rate to the localized soil infiltration rate. Total application of water is precisely controlled regardless of number of cycles.
  • Course monitor screens are intuitively designed to instantly show you exactly what is going on with your course.
  • Pump Profiling™ automatically manages pump station power consumption during peak electrical rate periods

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Integrated Control System (IC System™)
Now, Integrated Control Technology is built into the rotor and valve for easy, streamlined control. The new Rain Bird® IC System™ connects central control directly to the rotor or valve.

No field controllers, decoders, secondary wiring or unnecessary splices mean fewer areas that can breakdown, wear out or malfunction.

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MI Series™ Mobile Controller
Remote access to your central control is now as convenient as the Internet, with mobile control. This software runs on your central control computer to provide remote irrigation control via a web‑enabled cell phone.

Rain Bird® MI Series Mobile Controllers are designed to work on a standard cell phone with Internet connectivity and offer far more remote options than anything else available.
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turn of a screwRain Bird® 700/751 Series

Turn-of-a-Screw Flexibility
Your course’s watering needs seem to change by the day. Now your watering arc can change with them. Rain Bird® 751 Golf Rotors offer easy, top-adjustable rotation settings that retain the memory of their part-circle arc setting when shifting between full- and part-circle operation.
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Software Module
Actual Flow Measurement
Unlike other irrigation central control software, Smart Pump bases its decisions on actual flow, not estimated flow. By using accurate information — in real time — Smart Pump automatically balances supply with system demand. That means greater efficiency and an end to wasted water and electricity.
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rain watch

Real-Time rain fall adjustments

  • The industry’s first active rainfall monitoring and response system.
  • The only system designed to automatically react to rainfall and adjust sprinkler application rates to take full advantage of natural rain, thereby eliminating over‑watering.
  • Saves water and electricity, while keeping the course drier and more playable, by pausing, adjusting or canceling irrigation in the event of rainfall.