Why Are Courses Choosing IC™?

Environmental Savings:
A 1500 sprinkler system controlled with satellite controllers requires 21,000 to 24,000 lbs of copper cabling. This combines power wire and field control wire.

  • Comparable IC™ system will use 2600-3200lbs of copper.

A conventional satellite control system will use over 1,500,000 feet of cabling to achieve individual sprinkler control on a 1500 head sprinkler system.

  • Comparable IC™ system with individual sprinkler control will use 125,000 feet of copper cable.

Cost of Ownership:
A conventional satellite has 115/240 transformer, main logic or face plate board, station output cards, central interface card, and solenoid/coils at every sprinkler. All satellite manufacturers put a 1 year warranty on all electronics in the field.

  • Comparable IC™ system requires a Driver Board and the Module integrated into the sprinkler head, simply fewer parts.

Advanced Technology:
IC™ technology is farther advanced than our closest competitor with it’s inherent design advancements. IC™ can pin point issues in the field down to a wire splice. IC™ gives today’s superintendent more diagnostics from the Central Control. The IC™ is unmatched in it’s ability to expand irrigation anytime.

5 Year Warranty by Rain Bird Corp.